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points of interest

New in town? This area map will help you find everything Lexington has to offer.

P-1 Lafayette County War Memorial
P-2 Madonna of the Trail Monument
P-3 Missouri Riverfront Park
P-4 Lewis & Clark Historic Marker
P-5 Battle of Lexington State Historic Site and Anderson House
P-6 Lafayette Regional Health Center (Hospital)
P-7 College Park
P-8 Forest Groves Cemetery
P-9 Lexington Community Park, Lake, Athletic Fields, Water Park & Swimming Pool
P-11 Lafayette County Courthouse, Lafayette County Veterans Memorial, Pony Express Monument, Lafayette Hall (Old City Hall)
P-12 Lexington City Hall
P-13 Chamber of Commerce
P-14 Embarq Park
P-15 Heritage Park, Saluda Monument
P-16 Lexington Historical Museum
P-17 Former Wentworth Military Academy
P-18 Memorial Gardens Cemetery
P-19 Old Town Courthouse
P-20 Leslie Bell Elementary School
P-21 Machpelah & Memorial Park Cemetery
P-22 Crystal Lake Park
P-23 Lexington RV High School, Lex La-Ray Technical School
P-24 Lexington RV Middle School
P-25 Lexington 4-Life Center
P-26 Old Catholic Cemetery
P-27 The Goose Pond, restored WPA project
P-28 “The LEX”, Municipal Auditorium,
restored WPA project
C-1 First Presbyterian Church (10th & Franklin Ave.)
C-2 Second Baptist Church (1201 Main St.)
C-3 Christ Episcopal Church (1300 Franklin Ave.)
C-4 Trinity United Church of Christ (1312 Franklin Ave.)
C-5 Church of Jesus Christ (1401 Franklin Ave.)
C-6 First Christian Church (1515 South St.)
C-7 Zion AME Church (201 N.16th St.)
C8 Immaculate Conception Catholic
Church (1808 Main St.)
C-9 General Assembly & Church of the First Born (205 S. 20th St.)
C-10 First Baptist Church (525 S. Bus. Route 13)
C-11 Grace Lutheran Church (806 S. Bus. Route 13)
C-12 Solid Rock Fellowship (Oak & Berkley)
C-13 United Methodist Church (1211 Hwy. 13 South)

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