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Take a tour of four National Historic Districts listening to our theatrical audio tours that bring the characters of the past to life. You’ll be in awe of the stunning architecture of our many antebellum and Victorian homes that paint the cheery streets of Lexington. Or follow Lexington's sites along the Santa Fe Trail and immerse yourself in the past.

Highland Avenue Historic District

Once part of the Santa Fe Trail, merchants and business leaders built large homes that over look the Missouri River. Approximately 1 mile.

Highland Ave. Tour
00:00 / 37:16

Downtown Historic District

From the steamboat era, to the Civil War, to the days when coal miners filled the saloons and other establishments of Block 42. Approximately 1 mile.

Downtown Historic District
00:00 / 38:16

Battlefield/Wentworth Historic District

This area highlights Lexington’s military heritage, from the 1861 Battle of Lexington to Wentworth Military Academy, the oldest west of the Mississippi. Approximately 1.3 miles. Note: Wentworth Section of Tour starts at 25:24 from parking lot at SW corner of 18th St. & Washington Ave.

Battlefield-Wentworth District
00:00 / 42:54

Old Neighborhoods Historic District

Homes dating from the 1830s to the early 1900s in styles from Greek Revival to Queen Anne line the streets. Machpelah Cemetery is the last resting place for many Lexington notables. Approximately 1.8 miles.

Note: Machpelah Cemetery Section of Tour starts at 37:30 just inside the North Gate of the Cemetery on S. 20th St., across from Jefferson Ave.

Old Neighborhoods/MachpelahDM-cop
00:00 / 56:09
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